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5 important reasons to get the recordings

  • Mindfulness has a very large clinical research history and has been shown to be a critical skill in helping people overcome depression, anxiety, stress and improve happiness, confidence and self-control.  

  • The mindfulness exercises are simple to do and only about 10 minutes each so you can choose your favorite and easily fit the practice into your busy life.

  • The "Ultimate Beach Island Holiday Escape" is a highly safe, enjoyable & invigorating introduction to professional mental health enhancing hypnosis. 

  • All Mental Health Hypnosis recordings are based on over a decade of research and clinical consulting

  • They're FREE! You don't have to pay anything for a set of recordings my high paying clients have been eagerly demanding for years.   

Once You Have Enjoyed your Free Recordings, here are Links       to Over 20 Specific Brain Re-training Hypnosis Programs

Decisiveness and Fast Action Taking to Get Things Done
Develop a decisive action taking mindset that gets the important things done
Eliminate procrastination tendencies
Become more dynamic in all key areas of life including work, home and socially
Automatically act in a way that leads you to greater achievement regardless of any initial uncertainties and doubts that will pass as you progress

Creating Inspiring Environments and Habits
Develop the perfect balance between internal and external productivity triggers
Build and maintain a clutter and distraction free environment
Enhance your natural self-awareness and emotional control for simpler and more effective living
Know how to feel comfortable in any environment to maximize calmness and creativity

Increasing Energy and Exercise Motivation
Become more physically expressive which triggers the energy and happiness enhancing chemicals in the body and brain (dopamine, endorphins, serotonin and more)
Develop a healthy attitude towards regular exercise so you can find it fun and progress at the natural rate and speed that is right for you
Activate your inborn tendencies to move more every day which will allow you to feel and become more confident and efficient
Deepen your desire for and connection to simple and enjoyable physical activities like walking, swimming and other outdoor experiences

A Winning Mind through Positive Focus and Optimism
Train a laser-beam-like positive focus and expectation
Re-shape and enhance your daily outlook and attitude towards high-level optimism
Create a positive vocabulary and imagery generating mind that targets empowering experiences 
Uncover the secrets of the winner’s mindset

The Pure Pleasures Experience
Discover your innate capacity to fully immerse yourself in positive life experiences
Enhance your abilities luxuriate, savour and indulge in simple pleasures  
Increase energy, excitement and feelings of freedom on command
Create positivity triggers for greater joy, fun and aliveness

Weight Loss Re-set
Avoid emotional eating
Eliminate junk food cravings 
Become magnetically drawn to and develop a taste for healthy and nutritious food
Effortlessly modify eating habits so you can reach and maintain your ideal weight

The Quit Smoking Solution

Feel completely comfortable and confident around smokers without any desire to participate
Eliminate cravings for cigarettes and develop new stress coping mechanisms 
Deeply desire healthy cigarette free living 
Transform your identity to become truly content without cigarettes

The Quit Drinking Solution
Feel completely comfortable and confident around others who drink without any desire to participate
Eliminate cravings for alcohol and develop new stress coping mechanisms 
Deeply desire healthy alcohol free living 
Transform your identity to become truly content without alcohol

The Quit Drugs Solution
Feel completely comfortable and confident around drug-users without any desire to participate
Eliminate cravings for drugs and develop new stress coping mechanisms 
Deeply desire healthy drug free living 
Transform your identity to become truly content without drugs

Sleep Soundly
Install a clear sleep trigger so you can fall asleep easily when you want to
Enhance positive dreaming and physical restoration during sleep
Overcome distractions and irritations when not in an ideal sleeping environment
Effortlessly modify sleeping patterns so you can get enough deep sleep and the right daily amount

The General Anxiety and High Stress Solution
Develop an instant calmness trigger so you can confidently handle any situation
Enhance environmental awareness to always know the best way to respond
Re-set your anxiety mechanism to become a much more relaxed person 
Feel empowered and self-assured during any stressful event

Freedom from Fear and Phobia
Overcome a specific fear that may have been holding you back for years
Create an automatic mental calmness trigger
Develop an attitude of empowerment in order to easily face any difficult situation
Build a safe mental environment to return to at any time to work through a phobia

Overcoming Grief or Loss
Work through loss and find peace
Increase hope, acceptance and take lessons from difficult experiences
Dig into your own personal well-spring of inspiration and strength to overcome tragedy 
Harness inner wisdom and know how to find good support and be a good supporter of others

The Praise Machine
Learn to actively love yourself and others in a classy way and without becoming a new-age hippy
Uncover and develop the 3 step formula for greater positive influence and relational success
Become a positivity magnet who naturally and easily encourages others and builds empowering experiences
Excel at inspiring yourself and leading others to consistently be at their best

The Gratitude and Abundance Attitude
Learn to feel grateful and resourceful at any time and avoid greed, doubt and other human pitfalls
Install an abundance and opportunity focused mindset so you can regularly utilize your unique skills
Enhance life satisfaction and contentment 
Become more open and giving in a way that will create a wonderful legacy

Creativity and Achievement
Know how to stay in the present moment and find happiness in every aspect of your work
Enhance creativity so you can find unique solutions to problems
Activate your unique strengths and enjoy a more profound satisfaction in both the struggles and victories achieved in your daily challenges 
Build a future achievement mechanism so you can continue to progress towards mastery and develop your skills over time

Fast Goal Setting and Accountability Made Easy
Confidently create empowering and easily achievable goals
Enhance feelings of pride and satisfaction in relation to your goals and desire to share them with other positive people
Develop a clear path towards success and avoid procrastination
Create fun and enriching accountability measures to stay on track and feel good as you progress through each step towards achievement

Valuable and Meaningful Living
Train your mind to find empowering lessons in all (good and bad) experiences
Live by your highest values so you can become who you were meant to be
Overcome life tragedy and major setbacks
Establish a daily and greater purpose in order to reach deep fulfilment

Peak Performance Living
Develop a high skill trigger to be used at any time for exceptional performance
Activate hidden talents and abilities 
Make the usually difficult to create “flow” experience a naturally occurring emotional state 
Enhance creativity, mental speed and problem solving capabilities

Sensational Self-Image
Create new empowering beliefs and harness your unique talents, skills and abilities
Overcome fear of failure, rejection, inadequacy, not having enough, risk-taking and more
Build a positive identity and discover your authentic best self
Become self-accepting, proud and mentally strong

Relationship Love, Fun and Harmony
Create a frequent moments of excitement, sexiness and fun
Become an excellent and actively loving communicator 
Enhance abilities to be supportive, trusting and positive
Learn to celebrate and enjoy your partner’s strengths and unique qualities 

Superior Social Skills
Know how to consistently present your best self and speak with ease and confidence
Make an amazing and unforgettably positive first impression
Enhance your status and take a leadership position around all kinds of people including those you find attractive, those who may be intimidating and even bullies
Naturally create enjoyable stories and anecdotes that captivate and charm others and leaves them hanging off your every word

Extra Information About
Your Free Recordings 

Mindfulness & "Beach Escape" Synopsis

Here is what you will specifically learn with these recordings. 

With your Mindfulness Sessions: 

Discover 3 complete mental clarity and emotional intelligence enhancing sessions

Develop your ability to remain calm, in the present moment and non-judgemental

Boost creative insight, resilience against setbacks and problem solving skills

Re-wire your brain for greater feelings of peace, joy, life satisfaction and contentment

With "The Ultimate Beach Island Holiday Escape":

Feel the full mental and sensory effects of a perfect week long summer holiday in less than 35 minutes

Experience a multi-layered body and mind rejuvenating journey 

Have an easy method for feeling incredibly relaxed and happy

Escape the mundane and boost creativity, self-awareness and life appreciation

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                      Previous Hypnosis Clients

  • After attending hypnotherapy sessions with Aleks I was amazed at the results. I lost 10 kilos in under 6 months and travelled on a holiday full of sweets (my biggest vice) and all-you-can eat buffet meals and I continued to feel in control, have no desire for sweets and to lose weight. I highly recommend Aleks and his programs and have encouraged many friends to work with him." 

    Oleg Brein., Assistance with Weight Loss  

  • I orginally saw Aleks for a driving phobia which he helped me overcome. Then I decided to take the plunge and look at quitting smoking. I have severe asthma and I had smoked for 24 years and about a pack a day. I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to quit. Aleks almost didn't work with me. He said I was not his ideal client and I agreed. I'm stubborn, bull-headed and pretty skeptical about most things in life. But, in after just one session, I stopped smoking and have remained a non-smoker. I've been recommending stubborn and skeptical people like me to him ever since."

    John Kitchen., Assistance with driving phobia and quitting smoking

  • I had developed a severe general anxiety and a phobia of studying. I was failing my subjects and I could lose my visa. I was under a lot of stress. My mood was low and my marriage was suffering. I started working with Aleks and I immediately started feeling much better. Everything changed! My mood, my attitude and my confidence became so much higher. I started to enjoy learning, begun to easily pass my subjects and looked forward to my studies. The best part is I started to feel so much happier and free to be myself. My husband said I was kinder, happier and more relaxed than ever before. He said he wished I had met Aleks years ago!" 

    Alina Veismane., Assistance with general anxiety, study phobia and increasing happiness 

  • I met Aleks when working at a refugee camp. We were under very difficult conditions. We worked 12 hour days in blistering heat and humidity and had very poor and overcrowded sleeping arrangements. At the time, I wanted to become fitness focused and get up early (I'm not a morning person) and go to the camp gym before work. Aleks spent about 20-30 minutes hypnotizing me and another person at the same time! The day after the session, I was up early and happily attending the gym and continued to do so over 90% of the time (even after some horrible sleep-interrupted nights) during the rest of our stint together at the camp."

    Amy Woodman., Assistance with exercise and fitness motivation

  • "I had been suffering high stress and as a result, I was having sleep issues and severely grinding my teeth at night. It became so bad that I actually required major dental work and have spent over $5000 on dental work and adjusting my jaw because of the problem. I was first unsure about working with Aleks as I have previously been in therapeutic situations where I felt quite unsafe. I spent an amazing, comfortable and relaxing 20 minutes with Aleks and since then my sleep has improved considerably, I am more calm overall and the jaw clenching and teeth grinding has stopped! I couldn't be happier with the result." 

    Laureine Gabriel., Assistance with improving sleep and stopping debilitating jaw grinding

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Aleks George Srbinoski  is an author, speaker and multidisciplinary psychologist focusing on mental health, success, happiness and entrepreneurship.

Known as a leading expert in success and happiness strategies, he is the founder of and author
of the Success Secrets Series, and the Fulfilling Happiness Program.

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